Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of coffee machines offered?

We offer coffee machines suitable for all sizes of offices; from simple and small ones that can serve up to 30 employees, to medium sized ones that can serve around 80+ people, and the large ones that serve around 100+ people. You can also base your choice according to drink selection, coffee blends, milk storing capacity options, etc. While some offer 5 coffee selections, some offer limitless options including cold beverages.

Do you supply the fridge as well?

Yes, along with the coffee vending machine, we also supply a mini fridge to ensure that the milk is maintained at the right temperature?

What is the cost per cup?

The first 100 cups are free. After that the cost comes to $1/cup. But remember, the cost reduces as the number of staff increases. Thus, the more you use, the less you pay per cup. To know your cost per cup contact us at 08-92882951.

Why should I choose Free Office Coffee Machine?

We offer you the most flexible plans. You can choose to either purchase the machine outright, or for lease. We do not ask you to pay upfront fees or service fees. And there’s no minimum contract period as well. You are free to change your service provider when you wish, although we guarantee this would rarely be required!

How often is the machine serviced?

Our technicians shall visit your workplace once every week to service and clean the machines.

Who provides the coffee beans?

To make the best coffee, you need the best coffee beans. And to ensure that your cup is enjoyable we offer to sell the best coffee beans as well. You can choose from a wide range of beans including premium beans or those specially picked from rainforests of Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

Do you provide basic training to handle the machine?

Yes, while installing the coffee machine, we also explain how it operates and train you to handle minor issues that may arise. And if there’s a problem that can be resolved, one of the service staff will be at your place to take care of the repair.

Do you supply outside of Perth as well?

Currently, we service only in and around Perth Metro area. For information on supply outside of Perth, contact us.

Do you offer 24 hour servicing?

Whilst we may not be able to offer our services 24×7, we will definitely answer your call for servicing issues and ensure that one of our technicians is at your place as soon as possible.

Do you offer free on-site demonstration?

Yes! Feel free to contact one of our staff for a free demonstration.

How do you ensure ‘ethical coffee’ supply?

We supply coffee beans that are ‘Rainforest Alliance’ Certified. Coffee purchased with this certification are grown from coffee plants that are in harmony with the surrounding forests. The flora and fauna of the area is not affected at all.

Do you supply fresh milk as well?

Yes. We can also deliver Harvey Fresh milk to be used in your coffee machine. We also provide a refrigerator with all our coffee machines that can be used to store the milk at the correct temperature.

How much does a coffee vending machine cost?

When you buy an FOL coffee machine option from us, you pay nothing upfront, you only pay each month for the coffee drink. Fill out the enquiry form on our homepage to see if you qualify for our free offer. And if you qualify, you do not have to pay for anything upfront including the first hundred cups.

Which coffee roaster do you use?

We use premium FreshOne Coffee Beans roasted in Australia and certified organic.

How do we clean the coffee machine?

The good news is that you do not have to do that at all. Our technicians come to your place to not only service the equipment, but also to clean the machine each week. If you prefer to save even more money you can choose to do the minimal weekly cleaning yourself and save even more money on your per cup rate.

My company is small. Does this mean that the price per coffee would be high?

No, certainly not! Although, it is true that the price per cup goes down as your coffee consumption increases, we can also help you work out a solution that’s suited for your workplace. Contact one of our staff for more information on this.

Where do you service in Perth?

We service the entire Perth CBD area and surrounding areas. We can also supply a coffee machine anywhere in Australia. We have placed machines in Melbourne, QLD and even Darwin.

What if I decide I don’t require the service anymore?

Unlike others we do not bind you by a contract. Ours is a no obligation, no contract service. We even have a coffee machine hire service in Perth for corporate functions, weddings and seminars.

Which type of coffee machine is best suited for my business?

This depends on several factors including the number of people working in your office, the daily consumption of coffee, budget, etc. We can offer a range of solutions that will best suit your company.

Do you offer single cup brewing?

Yes, we offer coffee in single cup portions as it keeps the coffee fresh. Our coffee machines grind beans fresh on demand for the ultimate coffee taste.